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I'm at page78 of iteration 3.
I'm on linux so I use Flex SDK.
I've created AccountCreateBox and LoginBox components and I've modify Pomodo.mxml.
When I compile Pomodo.mxml I have these errors:
Error: Could not resolve <pom:LoginBox> to a component implementation.
Error: Could not resolve <pom:AccountCreateBox> to a component implementation.

What is the problem?
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Re: Could not resolve to a component implementation.
I've had the same problem when I compile flex via command line on Leopard using Vim. I think your problem might be that you have to enter the correct xmlns:components="com.yourURL.components.*"

if that doesn't make sense, the xml namespace in the main mxml file that uses those components LoginBox and AccountCreateBox should be at the top in the Application tag behind the adobe xmlns. therefore you should have two xml namespaces, one for adobe -- the default, and one for the two components you're bringing in, which might be xmlns:pom="com.pom.components.*".

Having done this on the mac command line, I can tell you to be aware of Adobe's sandbox restrictions, I've found a whole bunch of compile time errors when I used URLRequest to load files in b/c of these sandbox restrictions and the only way around them, is to compile using Adobe Flash or Flex Builder. Basically, though you can do it all from the command line, just be aware of using URLRequest if you get any errors that seem difficult to resolve. Make sure you use the right xmlns's for the components you bring in.

One last thing, watch out when trying to embed images inline or with css b/c you need the right url from that component to the location where that image is. You can be lazy about this in flex builder, cuz you can cheat by using the location of the Main mxml file, but with the command line you cannot.

hope this helps.