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dalrympm (20) [Avatar] Offline
3/10/2009 Edition
Page: 261
Listing: 18.5 Unit Test for UserFacadeImpl

Annotated line (4) "User user = newUser(true)"

I'm assuming that the newUser(boolean) method is to be provided by EntitiesHelper but there is no indication what the boolean is for and the current code does not actually provide a method with that signature (as far as I can tell).
felipe.leme (18) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Pg. 261 UserFacadeImplTest - Undefined method called...

You are right in both statements: that method belongs to EntitiesHelper, and it's not there.

Initially, there was a method called newUser(boolean withTelephone), but it has been split into newUser() and newUserWithTelephone(), but the test wasn't updated accordingly.

I took note of this issue and will fix it in the next batch of changes.

Anyways, thanks for catching and pointing such subtle bug smilie

-- Felipe