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jon.skeet (483) [Avatar] Offline
Page 94 (section 4.3.2) has two small mistakes around encodings:

1) Encoding.Default is unfortunately named, but it's not the default encoding for any .NET operation I can think of. When there's an overload which takes an Encoding and an overload that doesn't, the default is *always* to use Encoding.UTF8. (This is a very good thing smilie

2) The platform default encoding on a UK English Windows installation isn't ISO-8859-1, it's Windows-1252, which is a superset of 8859-1.

mfoord (129) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata for p94 (encodings)
Thanks for the report Jon.

In my defense that page does say: "When developing with Python, the default encoding is ASCII; when using .NET framework classes, the default encoding will usually be UTF-8". smilie

The footnote contradicts this however so it needs correcting in the next edition.

As for point 2, I'm familiar with the windows-1252 encoding, don't know why I stated ISO-8859-1. Fortunately it's not seriously misleading. smilie

Anyway - enough waffle. I am collecting errata reports on this forum, but am keeping track of them at:

All the best,