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E-mail I've got about this MEAP update mentioned that this is a draft of complete book.
However in the Table of Contents on Manning page there are 2 additional chapters:
17. Obtaining, experimenting and visualizing data interactively
18. Turning sample code into a real program
which are missed from pdf.

Are you going to add these 2 chapters to the final version of the book or it is just leftovers from draft TOC?
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Re: Two last chapters?
There won't be any additional chapters, but those two topics have been folded into other chapters.

Hope you enjoy the MEAP,
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Re: Two last chapters?
Excellent! Thanks for the great book!
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Re: Two last chapters?
we've also restructured the TOC a little bit, so for example what was originally in chapter 17 (interactive & explorative working with data) has been moved to chapter 13, so I believe we won't miss anything important even though the book will have less chapters.
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Re: Two last chapters?
There is at least one reference to a "folded-in" chapter.

p.16 "You'll find more information about this topic in chapter 18."