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vyurik (76) [Avatar] Offline
Dear Authors,
I am interested in enterprise integration of JEE and .NET applications.
My current reading of existing options is the following: SCA domain is in JEE world and WCF is in .NET world.
That's fine if I need integration from JEE to JEE applications or from .NET to .NET applications.

But I need frameworks/technologies that allow me to smoothly integrate JEE and .NET applications in scenarios where each side can be either a client or a server.
ESBs provide some way to make it easier, but SCA would be more helpful.
SCA seems to do a good job on Java, but there is no support for C# (any plans to expand SCA to C#?).

What is the best way to architect such an integration?
Please share your opinions on the subject.

simon.nash (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Need domain clarification: SCA and WCF; JEE and .NET
There is no intention in SCA to confine the SCA domain to the JEE world. JEE is just one possible implementation of SCA implementations and bindings. It's possible to use SCA and Tuscany with no JEE code at all. An example of this is the Tuscany "native" support for SCA based on C++. Tuscany also has support for using scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Groovy and JavaScript to implement SCA components, and there is a separate open source project with a PHP SCA implementation.

There is no reason why SCA support could not be added to .NET with a C# implementation type. It just needs someone who is interested enough to start working on this. This is the way open source works -- if you want something that isn't already supported, jump in and help make it happen.

A good place to continue this discussion would be on the or mailing lists. There may be other people who are also interested in this and would be willing to help with the work.