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Hi Guys,
Is it possible to insert or update the database using Linq to Dataset without using adapters? ie calling adapter.Update(). I went through the bonus chapter and i didnt see where you do database update. How can i come with the structure of LinqBooks class on an oracle database since it doesnt support Linq to SQL? Secondly, i was looking at your chapter 14 sample code FillDataSetUsingLinqToSql1(LinqBooksDataSet dataSet). Why doesnt the query return a datatable? Wouldnt it have been easy that way since your iterator variable automatically becomes a datarow. I tried with Northwind database. With the product table it gives an error on categoryID though i did it exactly the same way you did dataSet.Book.AddBookRow(book.ID, book.Title, book.Subject, dataSet.Publisher.FindByID(book.Publisher).... Any help.