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I recently bought your book and enjoy reading it a lot. I have been programming in C# 2 for about a year and a half. I've learned a lot from the chapters on C#1 and 2 and I am about to start on the chapters on C# 3 which is new for me.

I think I have noticed a minor typo in the pseudocode for ComputeTotalStockValue on page 180, there is a comma missing in the call to AuthService.CcrCheck before the anonymous delegate. Without it the pseudocode will not compile smilie
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Re: Comma missing in pseudocode on page 180
Hi there,

I'm really glad you're enjoying the book. It was only recently that I decided to make my pseudo-code into something a bit more concrete - quite a few changes are needed, to be honest smilie

For the second edition I'm hoping to improve the whole CCR section, but I may expand on it on the book's web site to give a bigger picture - there's only so much space I can legitimately devote to the CCR in a chapter about iterators smilie

Thanks very much for pointing out the mistake, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.