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This book is advertised as having C# and VB code. I can download hundreds of VB projects to see the VB code, but what I want is a file that has the VB equivalents of the C# listings and code samples in the book. That way I can print them out and look at them as I am reading the book. If I wanted to have the computer on and load and unload multiple VB projects in VS I would have bought the PDF file and not the printed book.

You should be able to do this easily and then your advertising would be correct. The back of the book plainly says " All code examples in both C# 3 and VB.Net 9.
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Re: VB Source Code
I realize this question is quite old, but it appears it was never answered. You may want to check out the source code packaged with LinqPad as it makes it much easer to try the various samples out using that tool. You don't have to load and unload multiple projects using the LinqPad integration.