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I typed the "Hello Laszlo" code on page 12 into the OpenLaszlo Explorerand it did not compile.

The code from pg 12smiliebold text highlights differences.)

<canvas width="300" height="200" bgcolor="0xBDDDF0">
<button text="Press" onclick="parent.msg.setText("Hello Laszlo")">
<text name="msg" x="60"/>

I played with it for some time to come up with this, which did compile:

<button text="Press" onclick="msg.setText('Hello Laszlo')">
<text name="msg" x="60"/>

The differences are: "parent" is removed; Hello Laszlo is in single quotes; and the button tag is closed.

I guess this is just errata FYI.

Thanks, JV Gallagher

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