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Just started reading this book. I'm a newcomer to FP, also I have very superficial knowledge of C# (coming from C++). nevertheless it's good reading & the C# code is easily understandable.

Some typos & nitpicks:

Pg. 45. End of third paragraph:
should be "these" insread of "those"? (Sorry, I'm not a native english speaker)

Pg. 49 in "2.5.1 The F# point of view":
"but also by Haskell or C#" shouldn't it be "but also by Haskell and C#"

Pg. 81 middle of the third pharagraph:
"For multiplication, you'll need to leave a space before and after the
asterisk because (* ... *) is an F# comment."
I've tried this without spaces and it worked fine.

Pg. 154 Listing 6.14:
"// F# implementation of Option.map and Option.bin" should be Option.bind.

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Re: Some typos
I'm glad you liked the book so far and that you find it useful to show C# and F# side-by-side! Regarding your comments - it seems that we've already fixed most of them during reviews with Jon Skeet, but thanks for sending them anyway! We did a lot of editing in the earlier chapters - hopefuly the new release should be ready soon.