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It could just be me but on page 15 point 4 you say "introduce the logger field" . I really hate the term "field" there. Especially since I'm just starting to learn AspectJ this was really problematic for me. "Field" conjures up visions of some sort of primitive attribute, like an int. I believe what it is trying to say is modify the formal parameters such that the logger object is passed into the class because we're about to need it.

Overall I think this point needs to be cleared up. I have just learned about ITD but believe it is probably related to this "logger field". This is very confusing to those who are just learning the subject.
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Re: Poor terminology pg 15
I looked through JLS and other formal/informal sources. They all seem to use field to mean both primitives and non-primitives. I see how you think of member introduction as "passed into the class". However, that can confuse some, since passing into a class isn't a Java concept.

Please let me know if more detailed information in chapter 5 (dedicated to static crosscutting) helps in clarifying.