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[Originally posted by rik brooks]

A reader has asked me to comment on the future of the PFC. That's what
reminded me that this forum existed. So, here I go.

I had a 'media pass' at Techwave 2000 so I got to meet a lot of 'behind the
scenes' people. Of course I asked everyone that might know about the future of
the PFC.

First of all, the PFC is intricately tied in with Client/Server. You will
never be able to write an internet app using the full PFC. At best you will be
able to steal code from it - sometimes. So in speaking of the PFC we are
speaking of PowerBuilder front ends - end of story.

Of course Sybase is not abandoning PowerBuilder in any way. They are
emphasizing the use of PowerBuilder to create Jaguar components, and with the
CORBA shells components on other application servers, but they aren't
abandoning the traditional Client/Server 2-tier apps either. There will always
be a place for those. Some things are just difficult to do in a browser (if
not impossible).

With that in mind we turn our attention to the PFC itself.

The PFC is in its final form. There will be no new development on it. The
architects, including the 'father' of the PFC, Alex Whitney, have moved on to
other things. Alex took some of the core people with him to his new company in
Houston where they have a similar library designed for use with not only 2 but
also 3 tier applications.

The PFC was never meant to be your 'complete' libraries. Note the second word
is 'foundation'. It was always meant to be a starting point. The motivating
factor for Sybase creating this (I heard) was that they wanted a rock-solid
foundation for your future development efforts. They wanted to provide you
something on which you, and third party vendors could confidently build.
Apparently they feel that they have met this goal.

So don't look for anything new in future PFC releases. There still is a PFC
team, but they are only concerned with bug fixes.
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Re: PFC Future
[Originally posted by whitricj]

Appreciate that you're still around and replying to questions Richard.
My question is in regards to your book "PFC Programmer’s Reference Manual"
would that be a good book to buy if you're using PB7? and the latest copy of PFC