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[Originally posted by ksmenon]

Hi All.

I have just started on PFC and am currently trying to get the Security and
Admin module to work. I will briefly explain what the problem is:

1. I have inherited n_cst_myappmanager from n_cst_appmanager
2. I have set of_security(TRUE) in the constructor of n_cst_myappmanager
3. I have set SQLCA to be of type n_tr
4. I have global variable gnv_app of type n_cst_myappmanager
5. The pfc_open event of n_cst_myappmanager opens a window w_my_frame
inherited from w_frame
6. The open event of w_my_frame calls gnv_app.of_LogonDlg which pops up a
login screen and connects to the database.
ls_inifile = gnv_App.of_GetUserIniFile()
IF SQLCA.of_Init(ls_inifile, "Database") = -1 THEN
MessageBox("Database", "Could not initialise database")
Return -1
SQLCA.of_setUser(as_userid, as_password)
IF SQLCA.of_connect() = -1 THEN
Return -1
IF isValid(gnv_app.inv_security) THEN
gnv_app.inv_security.of_initsecurity(SQLCA, iapp_object.appname,
of_getUSerID(), "Default")
Return 1

Then it sets security for w_my_frame using the following syntax

7. When I run the application, I succesfully manage to log on. However,
security is never set because gnv_app.inv_security.of_setsecurity(this)
returns a boolean false. On debugging, I found the following condition
If Not ib_initsecurity Then Return False
was occurring for the function of_security for pfc_n_cst_security

Whew! Now my question is, what is ib_initsecurity ? Why is it false when I
have done a gnv_app.inv_security.of_initsecurity (succesfully - I checked the
return value) ?

What can I do? Please help.