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I am getting an image placeholder instead of the pomodo logo when I run page 79.

The image is saved as current/pomodo/app/flex/com/pomodo/assets/logo_md.png.

This is the image line in my Pomodo.mxml file.
<mx:Image source="com/pomodo/assets/logo_md.png" />

I am using the Flex 3 SDK in Windows Vista, building in Aptana, and testing in firefox, (although I can load the .swf file in IE and see the same problem). I have tried changing the forward slashed to back slashes and moving the image to the same directory as the mxml file, and modifying the code accordingly.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Iteration 3 pg 79 logo_md.png does not load in swf
Nevermind. The build was not copying the image to public/bin. I manually copied the image and the image appeared.