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naspar (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hello to everybody !!

I am tryng to create a dynamic menu with scriptaculous .. by using the BlindUp and BlindDown effects.
I Would like to close an opened manu, when i am trying to open another one .. and i dont know how to catch it inside the javascript side .. it should be identified in automated way.

Could someone help me by telling where i can found some good examples ? i tried to check trhough google but i just found only examples which does not working properly.

The main problem for me is to close an opened menu when i am tryng to open another one .

let’s say that i have the following situation:

menu a –
sub menu a1 –
sub menu a2 –
sub menu a3

menu b –
sub menu b1 –
sub menu b2 –
sub menu b3

menu c –
sub menu c1 –
sub menu c2 –
sub menu c3

i want to open the menu A , and when i click on Menu B (and a is opne) i would like that javascript close the menu A etc etc ..

thanks in advance for any answers !!!!!