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Without restarting the server, I am able to see only changes made to the HTML template (say HomePage.html), and not the changes made to the Java class( Can I do something to see the see the changes in Java classes without restarting the server? What is the standard practice of Wicket developers?

My environment-
-Used Maven-based quick-start project on Apache wicket Site.
-Ran the as created by the quick-start project. It starts an embedded jetty server as described in Bonus Chapter 15.
-IDE is MyEclipse.

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Re: Hot deploy or hotsync
Run your application using the debugger instead of normal run. Hotswap will take care of (most of) the rest.
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Re: Hot deploy or hotsync
Thanks, the problem got resolved.

Java 5 VM crashed when I saved the changes in Debug MODE. Apparently, this is a known problem. I switched to Java 6, and it works fine.