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tedyoung (12) [Avatar] Offline
[A wordo is like a typo, but it's a word that while spelled correctly, is the wrong word to use.]

2nd para after code listing p301:

"After release 4.5, tests in JUnit are executed in a block of statements."

Shouldn't that be "As of release 4.5...executed as a block..."?

Actually, that entire para is a bit hard to understand. Also, it refs fig. B2, which doesn't appear until p313 (12 pages later).

Last line in last para p302:

"JUnit framework to ease the people in creating custom runners."

"ease the people" should probably be something like "ease the creation of custom runners".
petar.tahchiev (11) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Typo/Wordo: 3/10/09 edition
Hi Ted,

thanks for the feedback smilie. None of me and Felipe is a native English speaker, and there might be even more of these typos, wordos... Particularly this Appendix was written by me, so the shame is on me smilie.

Anyway, I do believe that these kind of feedback is valuable, despite the fact that the chapters in the MEAP are straight from the author, and have not passed any editing.

I will personally take care of making the Appendix typo/wordo