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Our project requires to stamp data on pdf version of a paper form. The data can be huge enough so that the number of pages required to stamp the entire data set can go upto 200,000 pages.
I was doing a proof of concept to see if iText can scale to such extent but it fails after concatenating 1500 some pages. I am sure if I increase the JVM heap size it can scale better but we need to distribute this program publicly. So asking for more memory won't workout for us.

I will appreciate if you can let me know if it's possible to generate such a huge pdf with iText.
If iText won't be able to scale to this limits, I will appreciate your guidance on alternative approaches I can take.
Thanks in advance for your help on the matter.
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Re: Creating huge PDF
Read one of the last posts on this forum, please.
You won't get any more answers here!!!