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[Originally posted by kananga]

Richard, Rik or Mr Brooks,

Greetings! One year old Powerbuilder developer, two
month old PFC developer. My new employer recently sent
me to Object-Oriented and PFC Powerbuilder training
classes for which I am thankful. Now I am "a-hacking"
away trying to apply what I have learned and working to
learn more and more.

I am the proud owner of your "PFC Programmer's Reference
Manual". We are using PB 6.0 in our shop here so I do
have to keep in mind the differences in function names
between your then beta copy and the actual 6.0 released
names. But that's okay.

My interest is in the datawindow linkage service. Between
the various sources I have read (alot from online) the
prevailing theory seems to be to place the linkage scripts
on the window open, pfc_preopen or pfc_postopen events
versus the individual dw constructor events. Since I have
had problems with the constructor scripting, it's no
surprise that I am for the "all in one location" school
of thought.

That's fine except for when you are having problems because
everyone else is doing things differently. If you can, I
want you to take a look-see and tell me what you think,

The setup: 1 window with 2 datawindow objects (all PFC)
w_action5 :: w_sheet
dw_aperson1; u_dw_app1 :: u_dw; d_actn_person
dw_actnlog1; u_dw_app1 :: u_dw; d_actn_log1

nameid PK

logid PK
nameid FK

Event firing order
1 constructor (dw_aperson1)
2 constructor (dw_actnlog1)
3 pfc_preopen (w_action5)
4 pfc_retrieve (dw_aperson1)
5 pfc_retrieve (dw_actnlog1)
6 open (w_action5)
7 pfc_postopen (w_action5)
8 pfc_open (w_action5) (no fire)

"pfc_preopen, w_action5"
dw_actnlog1.inv_linkage.of_SetStyle &
IF dw_aperson1.of_Retrieve( ) = -1 THEN
MessageBox("Error","Retrieve error")
this.dw_aperson1.SetFocus( )

"pfc_retrieve, dw_aperson1"
Return this.Retrieve()

"pfc_retrieve, dw_actnlog1"
Return this.Retrieve()

That's it! The window works in the sense that both
dw's populate but when you select a different row
on the master dw the detail dw does nothing.

According to the PFC Library Object Reference on
n_cst_dwsrv_linkage this should be enough for automatic
"re-retrieval ???" of the detail dw based on the new
row selected. How naive am I and where else do I need
to place script? RowfocusChanged? ItemChanged?
I think I am on the right track but definitely missing
something important.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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