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First of all, thanks for the book - it helped me to get a very simple example (with only one domain object) off the ground very quickly.

Newbie question: I got stuck while trying to integrate Spring (chapter 13, page 311), just Spring-managing the application (one step at the time: no Hibernate calls so far).

With the settings as outlined in the book, I have a failure at container startup (something appears to go wrong with the filter): "WARN: failed VirtualRoom2 (that's the name of my filter) Application class org.apache.wicket.spring.SpringWebApplicationFactory must be a subclass of WebApplication". In the browser I get an HTTP error 503, SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE. It looks as if Spring has started up, but without my Wicket application. I am using Wicket 1.3.5, Spring 2.5.6.


*** I have solved the issue: In the filter, I wrote "applicationClassName" instead of "applicationFactoryClassName" - Wicket/Spring integration is working now

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