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[Originally posted by pgloria]

Hello Mr. Brooks. I'm Gracell Paolo A. Gloria Jr., just call me Paolo. I'm a
filipino and I'm here in the Philippines. I've bought the book for my
reference in using PFC. I'm a powerbuilder programmer with lots of enthusiasm
for this language.
I've just got a question regarding the transaction object...

I'm making a backup and restore procedure for my application using pipeline
object. I'd like to create a transaction without registering it manually in
the ODBC configuration. So whenever I'd like to backup my data I can just get
a disk and put it in my sparq external diskdrive and backup will now be in
progress by simply just setting it up in my powerscript code. But the BIG
QUESTION is, how can I do that???
Is there any way to create it automatically without registering it inside the
ODBC configuration? I mean those stuffs like 'Data Source Name', 'Database
File', 'User ID and Password', etc.

One more thing, how can I get the correct path of a certain transaction object
that I've created which refers to my database. Let say for example my backup
database. I'd like to get the path because I'd like it to be compressed using
an external DLL and the path which will serve as the source path of my
compress function. But I don't know how I can get its path?

Thanks for the book, I really love it and more power!!!
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Re: transaction object properties
I kinda recognized the name Gracell Gloria. I had a friend with the same name. It might be your Dad. My email is