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connieluoting (1) [Avatar] Offline
i experience a weird problem,...
my application uses both gwt-ext and gwt-fx.No problem shows while in host model.But when i try to deploy it whth the "compile/browe"button,the IE said there are problems...

god!i don't know what to do,can any help me ?
robert.hanson (173) [Avatar] Offline
Re: help!problem with gwt-ext and gwt-fx
I am definitely not en expert on either of those frameworks, so I am not sure if this is the best place to ask that question. The GWT developers mailing list there are 16,000 members... it is more likely that you will get an answer there.

When you post there it is very important that you di it the right way, otherwise you will be completely ignored.

You said, "the IE said there are problems". That is about as vauge as you could get, so it will be impossible for anyone to help you. So the first thing you should do it make a note of the exact errors your are getting, and Google those errors before asking for help. Then try recreating the problem with as little code as possible. If the code snippet is small enough, you should post it with your question. In short, make sure that you have done all the leg work, because members on that list aren't going to do it for you.

Good luck with your problem.