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I have a scenario similar to the Northwind Customer -> Orders -> OrderDetails relationship where I want to load the data in all 3 entities immediately for a specific customer and where the OrderDetails match specific criteria.

Here is my original post but haven't received any help yet.

At this point I can load the OrderDetail records I want however all Order records are being returned even if they have no matching OrderDetail records for the given year.

Here is the code I am using. It would seem I need to tell the query to not return Order records that have no matching OrderDetail records.

Dim dlo As New DataLoadOptions()

dlo.LoadWith(Of aspnet_User)(Function(c As aspnet_User) c.aspnet_Role)
dlo.LoadWith(Of aspnet_User)(Function(c As aspnet_User) c.Requests)
dlo.LoadWith(Of Request)(Function(o As Request) o.RequestDetails)
dlo.LoadWith(Of Request)(Function(o As Request) o.StatusType)
'dlo.AssociateWith(Of Request)(Function(u As Request) u.RequestDetails.Contains(u.RequestId))

dlo.AssociateWith(Of Request)(Function(r As Request) r.RequestDetails.Where(Function(x) x.VacationDate.Year = intYear))

Me.LoadOptions = dlo

Dim query = From u In aspnet_Users _
Where u.aspnet_Role.LoweredRoleName = primaryRole.ToLower _
And u.AccountHidden = False _
Order By u.LoweredUserName _
Select u

Return query.ToList