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[Originally posted by johnhoag]

I have purchased the book and like its straight forward approach. I am however
haveing trouble making it past the first 4 pages. The book gives step by step
instruction and here is what happens.

1) I opened a new application. I called it PFC.

2) I press the user object button, select other for libs and locate the
PFEAPSRV.PBL I apply this lib to the application. This seems to be the only
way I can get the lib pbl to show when I press on the inherit button.

3) Now that I have the pbl I select inherit from the user object dialog and
then I select the PFEAPSRV.pbl and select n_cst_appmanager. I then click on

4) This is where I get into problems. I get a dialog box that says inherit of
n_cst_appmanager failed. Possible causes:
1) Object does not exist.
2) Object already open in another user object Painter.
3) User object control in object is already open in another object

5) To rule out the first one I moved a copy of the pbl to the local directory.
This is not help, same problem.

6)I tried doing it from a frame as will as from the application level. I still
get the error.

7) I understand that doing this should not be anymore difficult than
inheriting windows. This I do all the time, no problem here.

smilie At this point I am thinking it must have something to do with the way
powerbuilder is installed.

9) I am using Powerbuilder professional version 5.0.04 running on a 266 with
64 meg of memory and plenty of harddrive.

I would appricate any help getting this off the ground. I have a strong need
for some of the things found in chapter 4 of the book. ("Service Descriptions
an overview") Please email to THANKS
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Re: Inherit from pfc
[Originally posted by rik brooks]

I sent this e-mail to John-----------


Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The forum had been for some
time and I
stopped checking like I used to. I just now noticed your problem. Here is your

Click on the application icon in the powerBar, that's the one that looks like
gears. Now
click on the properties icon in the painter bar, that's the one that looks
like a hand holding
a document.

Now click on the Libraries tab page. Add the PFC libraries there. Then you
will be on
your way.

Rik Brooks