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mfisher_ix (4) [Avatar] Offline
I've recently purchased your book, and am looking forward to getting deeper into it. The snippet compiler alone is quite interesting.

I work in C# and VB, but as an academic exercise I've been porting Snippy to another language. All right, I confess, it's COBOL.

What amazes me about .NET is how the CLR can be targeted from the strangest places. C# leads the way, but the rest do follow.

Would you or your publisher object if I put the COBOL code up on CodePlex? I don't see any license statement for the C# code, so I thought it best to ask first.

Thank you.
jon.skeet (483) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Porting Snippy?
That's absolutely fine by me. I thought I had a licence for all of the code in the book, but I'll check later on. Whatever the licence ends up as, you're very welcome to port Snippy and publish the ported version.
mfisher_ix (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Porting Snippy?
Thank you. Some authors might not have appreciated the humor of porting terse, elegant C# to COBOL. The project will be called Add One Snippy, which is COBOL for Snippy++.
jon.skeet (483) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Porting Snippy?
Love the title smilie

So is the idea that it's:

- Rewritten in COBOL but still compiling C#?
- Still written in C# but compiling COBOL?
- Rewritten in COBOL and compiling COBOL?

All three are possible!

mfisher_ix (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Porting Snippy?
The pre-beta CodePlex project has been published. It is apparently the first-ever COBOL project on CodePlex:

The idea is to start with a straight port to COBOL. This will yield a C# snippet compiler implemented in COBOL, with a WPF user interface. Support for compiling snippets from other .NET languages will then be added, starting with Micro Focus Object COBOL.

A Reflector add-in for Add One Snippy is planned, similar to the existing Reflector add-in for Snippy. After that, if possible, disassembly to COBOL.

I've created a fictitious cooperative to sponsor these and other projects: The Abol Tabol COBOL Cooperative. The cooperative's name is a tribute to the work of humorous Bengali poet, Sukumar Ray.

The cooperative in turn has created the Add One task force for COBOL, which is responsible for platform outreach and training. Membership in the cooperative and the task force is currently one, but our membership coordinator remains hopeful that it will at least double this year.

Incidentally, I'm not a COBOL expert. Strictly for fun, I've been hacking object-oriented COBOL for about 2 weeks. It's not C# 3, but so far it has proven very capable. The code turns out to be no more verbose than VB.NET, and no hairier than C++/CLI. smilie