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chris_pdx (1) [Avatar] Offline
I've just bought C++/CLI in Action and it looks like it's going to answer most of the language questions I have about mixing unmanaged C++ and C++/CLI.

I'm hoping someone can also recommend a reference or resource for GUI development with the .NET classes. I don't have any legacy code here so this is all brand-new development and I will use Windows Forms pervasively (no desire to resort to MFC).

However I don't have a clue how to do accomplish basic things like subclass controls, override GUI behaviors, install and remove controls into panels at runtime, and set up delegates or controllers (in the MVC sense) for windows and views. I can glean hints from the MSDN docs but I've yet to find the guide that really explains it all and lays out the GUI framework paradigms.

Most app functionality will be in cross-platform unmanaged C++ so I'd much prefer a resource or samples showing how to do this stuff in C++/CLI than have to learn and translate C#, if there's any such resource out there. If not, what's the best resource for this in C#?

Thanks for any suggestions,