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haytog (1) [Avatar] Offline
Its mentioned in the book

"Servicemix can't always determine the name of the file to use when uploading........ if the message, originates from a JMS queue the orginal filename isn't known. In that case, Servicemix will use the uniqueFileName property to create a new filename"

I have tried creating a FTP straight from a JMS queue, I get an exception thrown No output stream available for output name: null. Maybe the file already exists?

If I follow the example I have no problems with a file poller to FTP. I would like to follow the process of JMS -> FTP as mentioned.

Is there anything else that needs to be set other than what is mentioned, is this a known issue or have any pointers in order to overcome this issue ?

tijs.rademakers (494) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Servicemix FTP connectivity p234 JMS to FTP
Hi Chris,

This is something you probably better ask on the ServiceMix mailing list. The issue is that the JMS message is not transformed to a FTP message in the right way. With this kind of exceptions you often end up debugging ServiceMix to see where the exception orginates from. But this is not an easy job. So the mailing list of ServiceMix is probably the best starting point.

Best regards,