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Hi there,

I'm not sure why the moderator, if there is one, removed my post. I asked a question regarding if some one can recommend analysis and design book for Aspect Oriented Software Development. Is it because the question is not relevant to this forum? Or the questions that should be posted on this forum are explicitly regarding "AspectJ in Action" book? Please clarify.

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Re: Why My Post is Removed?
I have no idea if the post was removed or why.

For AOSD, take a look at "Aspect-Oriented Software Development with Use Cases" by Ivar Jacobson and Pan-Wei Ng. It talks about the design approach and the use of UML for AOP-based design. You may also want to read "Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design: The Theme Approach" by Siobhán Clarke and Elisa Baniassad.