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Dear All,

I'm a new kid on the block as far as AOP is concerned. I just started reading books on AOP and what can I say, I'm excited. I was just wondering if someone can recommend a good book on Aspect Oriented Software Development. I'm not looking for an AOP book but one that discusses use case modeling and analysis and design using AOP. I was also wondering if there is a UML modeling tool that supports AOP.

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Re: UML modeling support for AOP
For AOSD, take a look at "Aspect-Oriented Software Development with Use Cases" by Ivar Jacobson and Pan-Wei Ng. It talks about the design approach and the use of UML for AOP-based design. You may also want to read "Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design: The Theme Approach" by Siobhán Clarke and Elisa Baniassad.