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Russell Clark (2) [Avatar] Offline
Great book by the way. But I have a problem
I copied snippet 12.1 onto my machine to test the issue I am having
The first time I open the designer for the LockableTextBox the control displays OK. I close the designer & reopen the designer for the same control. The XAML for the TextBox element displays a squiggly line & the error AG_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR [Line: 14 Position: 55]. I get the same problem for all my Silverlight controls and pages using the TextBox, Combobox and so on. I am completely stuck on this. Help would be greatly appreciated. I am using a Dell PrecisionM90, Vista Ultimate AND XP 4g ram. VS2003 and 2005 also installed on both OSs. VS2008 Std Ed
chad.campbell (42) [Avatar] Offline
Re: snippet12.1
Hi Russell,

I'm glad you have enjoyed the book. I hope you will write a review on for us.

When you are viewing your XAML, which version of Visual Studio are you viewing it in? I would strongly recommend viewing XAML in VS 2008 once you have the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio ( installed.

Just out of curiosity, are you getting the AG_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR in the designer or when you try to run the application?
Russell Clark (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: snippet12.1
I am viewing the XAML in VS 2008 & the error comes up in the designer. The app will not compile - I get a badly formed XAML message. HOWEVER. due to an unrelated problem I have had to completely reinstall Vista & all apps. Guess what? silverlight works just fine. The only thing I have done differently is that this time I installed C++ and VB & C#. On all my other installations I did NOT install C++. Microsoft (via Connect) are looking at this. Makes no sense to me. Thanks for your response. Much appreciated