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I made myself an early christmas present this december by ordering "Wicket in Action" and just finished reading it. It's a great book and I really liked it and couldn't put it down once I started to read! Thanks to Martijn and Eelco for their hard work!

While reading, I came across a few typos that I would like to share. I didn't see them in previous errata posts so maybe they'll help you improve the book even further in the next edition smilie

Errata "Wicket in Action":

p.98: "To illustration this solution" => "To illustrate this solution"

p.100, code: "Get users from database" and "List users" should be "Get cheeses from database" and "List cheeses".

p.110, listing 5.2: the output of the "h1" example should contain the string "Wicket in Action" instead of "title goes here".

p.120: "Let's look a basic link" => "Let's look at a basic link"

p.146, code, end of page: "PropertyModel" => "new PropertyModel"

p.175, listing 7.1: markup contains a single "</ol>" without opening tag

p.178, first markup block: missing closing tag for "body"

p.250, bottom markup block: missing closing tag for "style"

p.257, bottom of page: The code line following "That's what this does in listing 10.9:" has a lone trailing quotation mark.

p.271: "We avoid that situation by making the login form (and page) stateful so the login functionality is bookmarkable" should be "stateless".

p.288: The code block describing the message-lookup algorithm could use some clean up. It contains, e.g.,

session.style""_"" (double quotation marks)

"_"style (without separating space)

"_" language (with separating space)

"_variant" (underscore and variable combined into a single literal)

These are probably supposed to mean more or less the same. But I have to admit that this definition is rather opaque to me.

p.294, two line code block below listing 12.8: "new model(number)" => "new Model(number)"

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Re: Errata to WiA
spotted another...

page 335 -

the code snippet :

add(new BookmarkablePage("details",
CheeseDetailsPage.class, new PageParameters("0=edam")));

should, I believe be :

add(new BookmarkablePageLink("details",
CheeseDetailsPage.class, new PageParameters("0=edam")));