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I suspect this has already been dealt with in months past, but I don't see the thread immediately...

I am stymied at chapter 3, p 58, installing restful_authentication. If I enter the code as it appears I get the message that it is already installed. If I then try the authentication generator
ruby scriptgenerate authenticated user sessions
I get the message
couldn't find 'authenticated' generator

Do I force install another restful_authentication? Which one, from where? The URL listed in the code on p 58 no longer works; the files seem to have been moved to a github location. And I don't know the proper syntax for a --force install. Sorry!
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Re: iteration 3, restful_authentication... couldn't find 'authenticated' gen~
Follow-up: I finally got it up last night by substituting '3183' for the '3072' Peter has on p. 58, ie:

ruby scriptplugin install -r 3183

and a Merry Christmas it was.