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I'm the author of iText (a free Java-PDF library) and of the book "iText in Action". I've read chapters 1 tot 11 of your book (I'll send an update of my review after I've finished the last two chapters).
While I was reading I was wondering: do you think there's a need for a library on Android that is capable of producing PDF?
If so, do you think it would be interesting for me to create a distributable of iText compiled for Android? What do you think would be an acceptable size for an iText jar for Android (I'm thinking of making a trimmed down version of iText).
If I make such a jar, would Google be interested in hosting it? If so, who should I contact?
best regards,
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Re: PDF Creation on Android
YES! YES! I am not an author or contributor to the book. I just want to say how awesome that idea is.
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Re: PDF Creation on Android
Hi Bruno,

would like to say it would be great if you port it to Android. Hoping forward to see it, and hopefully soon.
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Re: PDF Creation on Android
Hi Bruno,

Considering the fact that PDF is everywhere - I think having your library on Android would be a fantastic idea. If your work is open source, you can host it directly on google yourself. What exactly do you have in mind there?

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Re: PDF Creation on Android
iText is F/OSS available under the MPL and it's widely spread. It's even used by Google: see
I've already tried some examples in the book, now I'd need to write my own example using iText (note that I'll only be able to test it on the emulator). I didn't have the time yet, but if that works, I'd like to create a trimmed down version of iText with many different small jars instead of the big core jar and the smaller extra jars we have now (to reduce the space that is needed). This is a project (one of the many projects I have in mind) that will cost time, and that's why I'm asking if it's a good idea.
Although iText is crucial in some Google applications, I've received a big NO from Chris DiBona when I asked for some kind of support for iText from Google, so I'm kind of "once bitten, twice shy". That was over a year ago, maybe politics at Google have changed towards F/OSS?
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Re: PDF Creation on Android
Now i am working on android application for Pdf file by using iText libraries.But i didnt get any solution for this.
is anyone know the procedures to get a pdf file?

Please provide some links or code for this.

Waiting foe reply.....
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Re: PDF Creation on Android
Hi all,
This is my problem.
I have an pdf file that I can take via an url and I need to show this pdf in my android application. I can do this easily when I use google docs instance with the google docs url prefix ""
I tried to use the Intent android function but it comes out of my application (I prefer to embed it in my Android application)
And I wonder if I can read this pdf file like with using google docs, without using the google tools but in using the iText library for java.
I already try to use it but I have only the text of the pdf, I can't show the pdf file in totality (like using google docs).
Thanks for your reply, I don't know what to do.