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Don Stadler (74) [Avatar] Offline

Is there a simple way to change the test client's list of interests? I added a new Coral Diving Agency, and learned that just because JjPDL allows you to specify an action doesn't mean that all the infrastructure is put in place to handle the action. So I just searched for every instance of 'shark' in the code base, which showed me where everything was being configured.

Problem was that the test client seems to be hard-coded to the preset list and won't accept any other. I tried running the JUnit test but it gets a NullPointerException on the line:

ScubaDivingBooking booking = (ScubaDivingBooking) objectMsg.getObject();

It does so even when I kick the timeout on the consumer.recieve() up to 20000 from 2000, so it doesn't seem to be getting the response.

Apart from that the example worked well.

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Don Stadler
tijs.rademakers (494) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 11 - how to change Swing Test client?

Please sent me your full project code, because it's difficult to say something based on this description. Just sent it to and I'll take a look.

Best regards,