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I recently got the MEAP edition and am quite unhappy with the image quality. The lossy compression has really ruined the figures.

Will there be a higher quality pdf available when the final text is released?

dhanji.prasanna (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Picture image quality

Thanks for your post. Yes, I believe the final copy will be taken from the original vector illustrations. The ones in the MEAP are bitmap snapshots of lower quality (kinda like placeholders).

I still thought they were pretty good though. Can you point to specific figures or chapters where this is especially a problem? I will get my editor to look at it carefully.

Dhanji. (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Picture image quality
Hi Dhanji,

thanks for replying. To my eyes, all the figures are unacceptable for a full price professional work (not the art work, just the compression induced artifacts).

Compare Figure 1.5 in the "Free chapter" download with Figure 1.5 in the full price MEAP edition. The free chapter version is border-line fuzzy. The MEAP version almost makes my eyes bleed. Given that a download cost Manning very little, this felt like a bait and switch to me.

Sorry if I'm coming across as grumpy, but I was shocked when I saw this. I've never purchased an e-book from Manning before so it never occurred to me that they would pull a stunt like this.

I would very much appreciate it if Manning would make a MEAP version available that is of at least the quality of their free teaser.

Thanks for your attention.
dhanji.prasanna (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Picture image quality

Thanks for the clarification. That is surprising since the source documents I upload have bitmaps of reasonable quality. Anyway, the final cut should have the original vector illustrations.

I will pass on your comments to my editor and the MEAP team.