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bobrocks (1) [Avatar] Offline

Just had a quick read through chapter one, all good stuff so far. Like the writing style, it's very easy to read. So em....carry on!

Anyway here is some things I noted down as I read chapter 1.

- pg4, line 1, typo:
It is used to develop applications from small mobile devices to massive enterprise endeavors.

I think that should be for not from.

-pg 4, Execution section, suggestion:
Execution – you are unable to easily manage and evolve the constituent pieces of a
running system while trying to minimize impact on the system as a whole.

I really don't have a suggestion, I just think that this sentence is all kinds of wrong, it's very hard to follow even though I know exactly what you mean.

-pg 6, line 11, typo:
declare / declared

-pg 8, line 3, typo:
mostly / most

-pg 8, paragraph 4, typo:
This is pretty much describes the purpose of OSGi.

remove the is

-pg 8, paragraph 8, suggestion:
As you can see, these scenarios cover a lot of use cases and it is by no means exhaustive.

using these scenarios and talking about it is, doesn't seem right.

-pg 15, line 2, type:
you actually have tell the framework about it.

you actually have to tell..


PS - posting on here is rather difficult, it seems to time out a lot.
richard.hall (87) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - errata
Thanks for the detailed comments and kind words. We should be able to address all of them in the next revision.

Regarding this forum, I think there was something wrong the server today, since I was having trouble accessing it. Normally, it is not that bad.
richard.hall (87) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - errata
Just a quick follow up to let you know I addressed all of your issues. Look for them in the next MEAP update. Thanks a lot!
serverdude (24) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - errata
p.14 section 1.2.5 numbered list starts from 3.

p.21 section 1.4.1 2nd line - twice targeting:
"Java EE and OSGi started targeting targeting ..." ->
"Java EE and OSGi started targeting ..."
richard.hall (87) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - errata
Fixed. Thanks.
maisonobe (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 1 - errata
My comments are based on a version tagged as "Last saved: 6.22.2010"

In the first example listing 1.1, I guess the main should read:

Greeting greet = new GreetingImpl(“World”);

instead of:

Greeting greet = new GreetingImpl(“Hello World”);

In section 1.2.1 The OSGi Framework, second paragraph, replace "You many not even know it," with "You may not even know it,".
In the same section, first paragraph, as a French guy I find the reference to a well-known fast-food company associated with the sentence "reassuring feeling" somewhat strange and inappropriate smilie