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Don Stadler (74) [Avatar] Offline

I have been running the 5a and 5b examples, but I'm a little mystified by where the test files are supposed to be places for the ftp to catch them.

I have currently set up under mule chapter6 5a-ftp-write and 5b-ftp-read diectories with in and out directories under them. I have tried to run the read test with files copied into both in and out directories and neither seems to do anything. Looking at the service definition files it is not obvious where ftp is lookinf for the two services, at least at 3 in the morning it's not!

Could you expand the instructions a little, please?
tijs.rademakers (494) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Chapter 6 Mule ftp examples
Hi Don,

You should run the 5a FTP write example first. Then you should copy the test file to the chapter6/5a-ftp-write/in directory which is created for you by Mule. Then this file is copied via FTP to the running FTP server. Then you can shutdown this example and start the 5b FTP read example. Then you should see the test file appearing at chapter6/5b-ftp-write/out. Does this work as I described it here?

Best regards,