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daianacheng (3) [Avatar] Offline
Hi there,

I was trying to run the file polling example from chapter 1 with Mule 2.1.1. I had to modify the file-config.xml a bit since it seems some schemas have changed. Now it looks as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mule xmlns="" >

<model name="FileExample">
<service name="FileService">
<file:inbound-endpoint path="inbox" fileAge="500" pollingFrequency="100"></file:inbound-endpoint>
<file:outbound-endpoint path="outbox" outputPattern="output.xml"/>

I had no problem running this from the command line, but when I tried running it from eclipse I got the following exception after pasting some file in the inbox directory:

[12-03 15:20:23] ERROR FileMessageReceiver [connector.file.0.receiver.10]: File being read disappeared! C:mule-workspacemule-book-fileinboxanyfile.txt (The system cannot find the file specified)
at Method)
at org.mule.transport.file.ReceiverFileInputStream.<init>(
at org.mule.transport.file.FileMessageReceiver.processFile(
at org.mule.transport.file.FileMessageReceiver.poll(

I guess this might be due to the classpath in my eclipse project. The problem is I don't really understand which jar files I need in my classpath in order to run mule from eclipse. I have included all the jar files in the directories under mule/lib plus some other dependencies from the maven repository (same ones included for the hello example of mule).

Any help would be much appreciated.

tijs.rademakers (494) [Avatar] Offline
Re: File Polling example in Mule 2.1.1
Hi Diana,

Maybe there's a problem due to the very short polling interval. Please try to run the example with the fileAge set to 5000 and the pollingFrequency set to 3000. Let me know if you still get the error mesage.

Best regards,