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On page 106 and Figure 5.2, it says that there is a 'conf' directory under 'jbossweb.deployer' directory.

I did not find that directory in the 'jboss-5.0.0.CR2' release. The global web.xml is right under the 'jbossweb.deployer' directory.

Also I did not find the 'server.xml' file that suppose to be in 'server/xxx/deployers/jbossweb.deployer'.

I like the book though.

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Re: The location of the global web.xml file is not under 'conf'
Those were some of the changes that were made between Beta4 and CR1. If I recall correctly, the MEAP PDFs are based on Beta4.

The server.xml file is now at server/xxx/deploy/jbossweb.sar/server.xml.

The printed book should have the correct locations as of CR2 (and there has been a lot of file shuffling since CR2 which we are attempting capture in the new appendix B - most of the chapters are already typeset and have gone beyond the point of no return and thus could not be updated - we'll hold appendix B until the last possible minute to get all the latest config info).