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mclovis (5) [Avatar] Offline
Great book! It helps concrete many of the ideas of DDD. There is one thing, that gets batted around, and seems contradictory in the book, and that is the use of both Service objects and Facades. At one point Services (and Facades for that matter) seem to be the place for business logic that is not of a Data Access sort (ie cross cutting data access , collection of DAO logic, ergo Repository). This is stated in one point in the book. Later it is stated that Services would NOT contain business logic. This confuses the point and lends itself the the discussion of how much business logic should the domain objects maintain. I know you do not enjoy mere DTOs, but all code, even pure OO has procedural type code embedded within it.. Second question is what in your mind is the need for BOTH a facade and a Service?
Thanks for clearing up these points. I am sure they exist only within my mind.
simbo1905 (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Services and Facades
Almost a year after your post a big thread happened which goes through the point that you brought up: