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srmchem (1) [Avatar] Offline

I have embedded servicemix into a web application within the weblogic server for one of our integration projects. I am using servicemix 3.2.2 and weblogic 10.1. To sort out the dependencies and details of our actual prototype implementation I have been playing with some of the examples of several chapters of your book in the above proposed environment and I am able to successfully run them. As stated in one of your first chapters there is a dependency on ActiveMQ broker for servicemix. I am trying to run the chapter 3 examples without using ActiveMQ broker and instead use weblogic jms. I am unable to run and make the examples work.

After some web research I have realized that I cannot substitute the ActiveMQ dependency with Weblogic JMS and make your examples work ? I just wanted to confirm my understanding with you. I have also realized that such a dependency on ActiveMQ does not exist when I use Mule.

Would you be able to shed some light on this and clarify my understanding ?
Also I would appreciate if you can tell me how I can use JMS transport of Servicemix within weblogic without having to use ActiveMQ broker but instead using Weblogic JMS ?

Thanks a lot for your time

Siva Chemudupaty
tijs.rademakers (494) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Can we use weblogic jms for the nmr
Hi Siva,

Servicemix is built on ActiveMQ and an ActiveMQ broker is started automatically when you start ServiceMix. Mule doesn't start an ActiveMQ broker, but does provide standard ActiveMQ JMS configuration, but also WebSphere MQ etc.
You can use the JMS transport of ServiceMix to use WebLogic JMS instead of ActiveMQ. More information is provided here:

So by configuring a Spring JNDITemplate you should be able to get this done.

Best regards,