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jettro (10) [Avatar] Offline
I have a suggestion for content that I am missing in the introduction. I am missing some information about the container in the introduction. You are talking about the lifecycle and the different layers and how you can create bundles. Still you need to run it somewhere as well, therefore a brief introduction of the container would be nice. Introducing this container you might be able to run he HelloWorld example as well. You show the code, we use the code. Maybe a reference to an appendix with the basic commands for using a container? I agree that it might me a bit to much for an introuction, on the other hand this book is meant for people for java experience so starting a java executable should not be a problem.

Just a thought, thanks for the first part
stuart.mcculloch (29) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Where is the container
Hi Jettro,

Yes, we're going to have an appendix section explaining how to start a number of OSGi frameworks. Unfortunately the spec does not yet define a standard API for starting a framework from scratch, but there is work-in-progress to define this and we're planning to use an early form of the API in our examples.

We're also going to take advantage of OPS4J's Pax-Runner, which provides a common (and very easy) command-line approach to start and configure the major frameworks.

All the examples, including the ones from the introduction will have a shell script and batch file to build and run the example from scratch - you just need Java and Maven2.

Finally, you'll be glad to hear that now we've sorted out the build+deploy structure I'm going to update chapter 1 to explain how to run the examples (full details will be in the appendix). We won't be going into huge detail about the framework / container though, as that will be covered in chapter 2 - and we don't want to overwhelm people smilie