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deisner (5) [Avatar] Offline
I must be missing something basic. I have a simple script that calls an external command (subinacl):

[No indenting allowed in this forum?]
$homeMapFile = "C:VOLADdataad_user_homes.csv"

$prefix = "M:"

Import-CSV -path $homeMapFile |

foreach-object {
$homeDir = $prefix + $_.HOME_DIR
& subinacl /file $homeDir /display=owner

The script is saved in "set_permissions.ps1" Now I want to redirect all the output to a log file. I believe this should do what I want:

.set_permissions.ps1 > output.txt 2>&1

But what happens is this:

1. The output is still displayed to the console.
2. The output is also placed in output.txt, but with a space between every character, like so:

+ F i l e M : H O M E O F F I C E J O A N Y U A N

/ o w n e r = b u i l t i n a d m i n i s t r a t o r s

Hmm, upon further examination, the spaces are actually three null bytes. So the file really looks like ... 'F', '', '', '', 'i', '', ...

What's going on? Is this some type of encoding issue? I'd be happy with UTF-8 by default.

Thanks again.

franck (17) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Redirecting Output of Script
Hi David

I think that the best solution is the cmdlet 'out-file' with the option '-encoding'.

$homeDir = $prefix + $_.HOME_DIR
& subinacl /file $homeDir /display=owner | out-file xxxx.txt -encoding ascii

In standard mode, Powershell works with unicode character set.

The firsts two/four bytes in file show you witch character set is used.

EF BB BF mean UTF-8
FE FF mean UTF-16 - big-endian
FF FE mean UTF-16 - low-endian
00 00 FE FF mean UTF-32 - big-endian etc

The standard by WinTel is : FF FE - UTF-16 - low-endian.

best Regards

P.S. If you write a bad encoding value, all the valides values will be appear in the error message ( | out-file xxxx.txt -encoding dummy)