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bluerayman (3) [Avatar] Offline
Rather than "run inside any modern web browser on "Windows and Mac"

Maybe you could be more vendor neutral in saying: "any modern web browser and operating system."

Or list Linux among the supported target Flash environments.

I already see (among other Linux versions) an official Adobe supported version 10 Flash player for Ubuntu.

Head's up: The iPhone will include first class support for Flash by the time you publish the book. (As another example platform outside Win + Mac.)

If you'll further indulge my point about Flash being more inclusive of platforms beyond Windows and Mac: Even the PSP (Sony Playstation Portable) supports Flash at some level (v7 player, iirc?)

In a "Why Flex?" discussion (and "Why Flash?" by extension) I just think it takes away from the argument for "write once" to utter "Windows and Mac."
But I know you only spent a few paragraphs--less than I do here!

Open Source:
Another reason I'm loving Flash and Flex more as a developer: it's becoming more and more free and OPEN. Personally I will probably buy Flex Builder, BUT please, as an author, could you consider supporting a not-excessively-Flex-Builder-heavy discussion... I am still in chapter 1 so not sure how applicable this is... You know that the more Flex Builder content you include, the more quickly this book will become obsolete.

On the other hand, (admittedly I'm a geek) but I have found that "mvn compile" to build a SWF will probably take a long time go out of style... I know Maven is not for beginners and doesn't make sites look any better. But it is great for what it does and will only get better.

I'm all over your point about "write once". Just please don't leave Linux and open source out in the cold.

I speak for the trees... and the open source SDK! And Maven!

Side note:
Even as I write tonight, I'm noticing the rich text editor on Manning's forum: "post message" page behaves erratically on Google's [new] Chrome browser for Windows [Vista, if it matters]. FWIW My Linux-based handheld--Nokia N800--currently sports Flash Player 9, handles some sites more reliably than this up-to-date Vista + Google Chrome platform, and I run Flex apps on the N800. Gotta love it.