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JGF1 (322) [Avatar] Offline
Hi folks.
Reading your book and I'm wondering what happened to some of code for ch4.
Ie the ObjectViewer stuff at the end Listings 4-11 to 4-16.
I saw the overview video and it looked like it had a jazzed up version of this..
Is this something that gets improved upon in a later chapter or something to that effect.
Clarification would be greatly appreciated

Right... At end of chapter 4 it mentions it'll be continued in Ch5. Had a quick peek without reading ahead and tried to run.
Code is buggy for IE7 I'm afraid. I take it I'm supposed to use popups.html? Seems to transfer data from one planet to the next. Eg Suddenly Venus has earths description in it. Seems ok in Firefox...

I'm approaching the end of chapter 6 now..
Still finding a big discrepancy between source download and book. Code pertaining to planet app mentions it's updateable. I don't see any indication of this.
More buggy code with IE7 wrt Fig 6.7 (submit doesn't work). Ok again in Firefox.
What's the score here?

Ditto Chapter 7. Where's the Battleship example?
I'm beginning to feel this books source download is a little light on good demos. The video demo made it look promising..

It gets worse!
1) P325 part 4 intro.Medley of implementations. No server-side Java code for Chapter 9
2) Umpteen Broken reference links at ends of chapter
3) Facetious comments P351.
4) No readme in download for setup procedure fo vb code in ch 9 or any chapter for that matter. I'm assuming asp & vb code needs to get deployed in IIS somehow?
5) Authors who never respond to forum posts!
Can't say I'm a big fan of this book

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