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Here are my comments about the chapters 5 and 6.

Paragraph 5.5 page 148 "DOMAIN-OBJECT DI AND STATIC CROSSCUTTING" part. I think you should replace the acronym "DI" by "dependency-injection" because is the first time when you use this acronym into this chapter.

Listing 6.8 (configuring aspects to inject dependencies) In the xml file you have 2 Spring beans having the same name "cacheAspect", the CacheAspect bean and MBeanExporter bean.

Paragraph 6.8 In the phase just before the listing 6.17 you speak about the TestPrivileged class that have 2 private data members but in the listing the class contains only one private member (named id).


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Re: cmments about the chapter 5 and 6
Thanks Adrian for your keen observation. I have incorporated your feedback.