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It's not a GWT specific issue but I think we'll encounter it sooner or later.

Think about this use case: one user working on a management application which represents the units(departments) of some organization with an editable tree changs tree node A's label, and at the server side node A's label updated to the database successfully. Then how should we reflect or synchronize the change back to client side especially to users other than the one made the change?

One way is refreshing the tree periodically but I believe there must be some better solutions.

Any advice will be appreciated.

robert.hanson (173) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Advice needed on client-server synchronization in concurrent environment
The answer is probably roll your own for now. Back at the GWT conference, almost a year ago, there was a huge GWT app meant for the movie industry. It would allow you to annotate a script and schedule prop use, actors, and basically organize your entire shooting schedule.

The one developer of the app said that it was built to facilities multiple editors at the same time, and there was a lot of data to sync up. They ended up creating there own solution where individual property changes in the model were tracked, and only those that changed were sent to the server.

That sounds like it would work for you too, just syncing the values that actually changed instead of the entire tree. Of course it is also completely custom solution, so existing GWT libraries that I know of won't help much.