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IamMaris (4) [Avatar] Offline
The item listed as "#4" has a typo, I believe in this line:

<control:SocialStalkrController id="controller"/>

I had to use "control1" for it to work.

peterarmstrong (94) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Found a code error on page 103 - SocialStalkr.mxml refactor
The namespace just has to be whatever you put in the xmlns. Had you said xmlns:foo, you would have used <foo:SocialStalkrController>.

IamMaris (4) [Avatar] Offline
Namespace inserts itself wih Flexbuilder 3
Flexbuilder 3 did it!!!

If I add the xmlns ("xmlns:control="com.socialstalkr.control.*"") to the Application tag following the bolded code instructions for SocialStalkr.mxml, and then further down enter the "<control:SocialStalkrController id="controller"/>" instruction, the Flexbuilder auto code feature enters the xmlns again, but uses "control1" when it does. That gave me an error during compile.

I noticed if I do not enter the namespace myself, but just enter the "<control:SocialStalkrController id="controller"/>" the FlexBuilder inserts the namespace correctly at the top.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on.

Thanks for your response ... it pointed me in the right direction.