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Could some one sweetly explain what does it mean to sink an event?
adam.tacy (269) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What's sinking an event at all?
Best I can come up with....

Think of a fast flowing river with a watertight box sitting in it with the water flowing past, over and under it - that's your widget, sitting in the browser with events (mouse movements, buttons clicking etc) firing all around it.

If you put a hole in the box, then the water can flow in - now you're "sinking events".

OK, so this breaks down a little, as when you sink events you are saying you're only interested in certain parts of the water rather than all of it, but hopefully this makes the point!

Even though you let the water in (sinking events) you need to put something inside the box to use the event otherwise all you have is a wet box. In GWT that means implementing the onBrowserEvent method to handle events that are sunk on a widget.

Hope that somehow helps!

//Adam (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What's sinking an event at all?
Thanks, Adam.

Got it: sinking events = making the widget ready for events. I can carry on reading Chapter 6 then