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Ok. trying to just be more technical about it smilie

Trying to review with more technical content now smilie

Page 63:
"While the field name can be overridden as we will
see later, the authors recommend you not to do it as the one-to-one mapping between a property name and a field
name will make it easier both to write and, more importantly, read Lucene queries.

What's a field in this paragraph's context, (Lucene or Hibernate Entity?) it really lost me.

Page 66:
I know you have copy editors, but I can't help myself since this a code snippet therefore a different font type
and might not be caught:


Page 66:

Indexes using the RamDirectoryProvider are uniquely identified by their index name for a given SessionFactory
(or EntityManagerFactory if you use Java Persistence). Said otherwise, Hibernate Search keeps an instance of
RamDirectory per index name when the index targets the RamDirectoryProvider.

That last sentence was not clear, I still don't know what it means. smilie

Example 3.4, In the comments
Superclasses do not have to be marked @Indexed

Just because this class is abstract, or can it be also a concrete superclass?

Page 78:
"By default, Hibernate Search does not store the property value in the Lucene index. "

I am thoroughly confused about that. I thought all this time they were.
This may be critical since this leaves the reader in a lurch. I was left with this question:
"If they are not stored by default why did we put @Field on everything
if they are not going to be indexed?"